Who We Are

The University of Manitoba Faculty Association (UMFA) is the certified bargaining agent for 1,245 full-time academic staff at the University of Manitoba. Relations between the Association and the university administration are governed by a Collective Agreement.

UMFA advocates for Members’ rights and the continual improvement of their working conditions at the university. Prospective Members are encouraged to review the material relevant to them on the website and also to contact the Association for further information and assistance.

UMFA belongs to the Canadian Association of University Teachers (CAUT) and to the National Union of CAUT (NUCAUT), through which we maintain membership in the Canadian Labour Congress (CLC) and the Manitoba Federation of Labour (MFL). We are also a member of the Manitoba Organization of Faculty Associations (MOFA).

Please contact us if you have any questions about UMFA or about any of the website content.

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About UMFA

The UMFA Constitution establishes the Objectives of the Association as:

  1. To promote the interests of teachers, researchers, and librarians at the University of Manitoba, to advance the standards of their professions, and to improve the quality of higher education in Canada.

  2. To bargain collectively on behalf of members of the Bargaining Unit as defined by the Manitoba Labour Board.

  3. To represent all members of the Bargaining Unit in employer-employee relationships with respect to such matters as salaries, pension, working conditions, leaves, promotions, job security, and grievance.