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Joint Reports - UM/UMFA

Study of Gender-based Salary Differentials at the University of Manitoba (2019)

Joint Committee on Metrics Report (2018)

Visuals and graphics

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UMFA has made Zoom, Teams, and PowerPoint backgrounds that you can use during your lectures.  To save the background images, click on the link below to open the image, then right click to save it.

UMFA "Fair Deal"

UMFA logo profile lightest

UMFA logo profile light

UMFA logo profile

UMFA2021 Zoom

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UMFA2021 Zoom lightest

UMFA2021 Zoom lightest small text

UMFA2021 Teams

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UMFA2021 Teams Lightest small text

UMFA2021 Teams small text


"We Make U of M Happen" backgrounds

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pngZoom background - white

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pngZoom background - green

pptPowerPoint background

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