Standing Rules

The UMFA Standing Rules consist of the following sections:
A - Rules and Procedures Governing Meetings of the Faculty Association
Appendix to Section A - Motions for Specific Purposes
B - General Rules and Procedures for Elections
Appendix to Section B - Procedures for Transferable ballot
C - Communications between the Association and Other Organizations and the Media
D - Rules Governing UMFA Representatives/Assessors on University Committees
E - General Rules Governing Committees
F - List of Standing Committees
G - Standing Rules on Collective Bargaining

The entire document is in the PDF file below, and in plain text format upon request.

pdfUMFA Standing Rules

Standing Rules December 2017 1

UMFA Online Meeting Processes

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UMFA OnlineMeetingProcesses

Basic Motion-Making and Processes at UMFA Meetings

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Basic Motion Making and Processes at UMFA Meetings