Dr. David Naylor will present the main recommendations put forward by the expert panel on Canada’s Fundamental Science Review on December 6.

“This report sets out a multi-year agenda that, if implemented, could transform Canadian research capacity and have enormous long-term impacts across the nation,” says Dr. Naylor.

The first review of its kind in over 40 years, some of the highlights of the report recommendations include:

  • A major, multi-year reinvestment in front-line research
  • An increase in annual spending across four major federal agencies from $3.5 billion today to $4.8 billion by 2022

To read the full report visit www.sciencereview.ca.

This event is hosted by Hosted by the Manitoba Organization of Faculty Associations (MOFA) and the University of Manitoba.

7:30 pm | La Verendyre Room

Presentation by Dr. David Naylor, followed by Q&A

9:00 pm | Mezzanine


MOFA Poster Final

Higher tuition fees in Manitoba will reduce university participation of youth from lower-income families, and discourage students from pursuing public interest careers, according to a report released today by the Manitoba Organization of Faculty Associations (MOFA).

Key findings of the report include:

  • Tuition fee hikes negatively impact enrollment among low-income students;
  • Tuition fee hikes increase enrollment inequality, with students from well-off families taking the place of those from more modest backgrounds.
  • Higher tuition fees are linked to heavier debt loads for students at graduation.
  • Higher student debt impacts career choice, with students less likely to pursue public interest jobs.

With the potential for tuition to more than double over the next 10 years, the detriment to low income students will be great and ultimately cost Manitobans the opportunity to pursue higher education.

To read the full report, click here. 

Yesterday, October 26, UMFA Members joined students from the University of Winnipeg and the University of Manitoba at the Rally Against Tuition Hikes. We believe in high quality, post-secondary education for all, and the current government’s plans to raise tuition rates will have a detrimental impact on Manitobans pursuing higher education.

Bill 31 proposes that universities be able to increase tuition by the consumer price index plus 5%. There is no question that this will impair the affordability and access to post-secondary education for many students across the province.

UMFA President, Janet Morrill spoke before the Legislative Assembly on Wednesday to condemn these tuition hikes and to remind the current government that precarious funding to universities fundamentally decreases the value of post-secondary education and makes it impossible for overworked, underpaid professors, instructors, and librarians to offer high quality education to their students.

To read her statement, click here. 

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