Did you know that UMFA Board of Representatives meetings are open to ALL UMFA members?

Want to participate in meetings as we prepare for bargaining?

Just show up! All meeting dates and times are posted here: http://www.umfa.ca/news/meetings-events.  Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to get the Zoom link for the next meeting.

Looking for the list of Board reps?  Find that here: http://www.umfa.ca/get-involved/board-of-representatives.  Want to become Board member? Contact the UMFA Office: (204) 474-8272.

Is your department/unit hiring? You should read this!

Deciding on departmental hiring priorities, search procedures, and methods of evaluating applicants for academic positions are very important parts of collegial governance.

Did you know that…

  • Your Dean/Director must first ensure there’s a planning/priorities meeting of UMFA members prior to hiring an UMFA position?
  • UMFA members are to make up the majority of voting members on hiring committees?
  • That you can report problems with a hiring committee to UMFA’s Executive Director without breaching confidentiality?

Read more on hiring procedures in our “Know your CA” pamphlet series:

The UMFA Executive, Bargaining Team, and staff are currently preparing for this year's negotiations.  Below you'll find information on last year's salary re-opener negotiations.

During the pandemic Professors, Instructors, Librarians and Archivists at the UM are burning the candle at both ends, working even more hours than before to provide quality remote education. At the same time, we’re homeschooling our own children, being caregivers for vulnerable dependents, trying to transform our homes into offices, and battling the isolation and anxiety. It’s hard work, but we do it because we love it.  

We're some of the best researchers and educators in the country, making sure Manitobans and those who come to the UM from outside the province get the experience they need and deserve. The UM is a member of the U15 – a group of research-intensive universities from across the country. While our work is stellar, our compensation is not – we have a hard time attracting and retaining new talent because our salaries are some of the lowest in the U15. This hurts the quality of education we provide, and it will get worse if we don’t reverse the current trend.

What we’re asking for is a fair deal – we want the cost-of-living wage offer that was unlawfully taken from us in 2016 back on the table! We need basic supports so we can continue to work during the pandemic. We need a more equitable salary grid so that everyone is treated fairly.

On these series of webpages you’ll find info and resources that will help you understand and engage with negotiations.

We Make U of M Happen!

Latest News http://www.umfa.ca/strike-information/latest-news

Press Releases http://www.umfa.ca/strike-information/press-releases

Resources for Students http://www.umfa.ca/strike-information/resources-for-students

Resources for Members http://www.umfa.ca/strike-information/resources-for-members

Bill 28/PSSA – Gov files Appeal

The MB Government has filed their appeal of the Court of Queen’s bench decision declaring Bill 28/the PSSA unconstitutional. The appeal by-and-large repeats previously-made arguments, and can be read here. The PDPS (the group of unions challenging the PSSA) has 30 days to file a response – it will appear on the “Issues” tab on the UMFA website once it’s filed.  

The remedies portion of the trial is now scheduled for November 22-26, 2021, and will be heard by the Justice who heard the original challenge. Court proceedings are open to the public, and documentation will appear on the UMFA website’s “Issues” tab.

 Awards BU 2021

For details about the Roy Vogt Memorial Award, click here: http://www.umfa.ca/who-we-are/awards/roy-vogt

For details about the Paul Fortier Prize for Student Activism, click here: http://www.umfa.ca/who-we-are/awards/paul-fortier

For details about the CAUT Dedicated Service Award, click here: http://www.umfa.ca/who-we-are/awards/caut