Bill 28, the Public Services Sustainability Act is set to become law on June 1.  This legislation will freeze the wages of 120,000 public-sector workers for two years and cap their pay for another two years.  UMFA submitted a letter to the Standing Committee on Bill 28, which can be found here, and also appeared at the hearings on May 8.

Below is some recent media on the Act.

Union leaders threaten to fight Tory wage control bill in court
Winnipeg Free Press, May 8, 2017:

Pallister's steady campaign to provoke unions
Winnipeg Free Press, May 8, 2017:

Manitoba unions make last effort to stop contentious labour bills
CBC, May 8, 2017:


This week, UMFA appeared at the Labour Board regarding the Unfair Labour Practice (ULP) filed against the University of Manitoba last fall.  Hearings are expected to continue in June and October.

Media have been present at the hearings and have been publishing information about the proceedings.  Here are some recent articles:

Complaint was on negotiator`s mind, labour board told
Winnipeg Sun, May 5, 2017 -

Tories embarassed by U of M: official
Winnipeg Free Press, May 5, 2017 -

U of M Pressured to Follow Tory Order
Winnipeg Sun, May 3, 2017 -

Province ordered U of M to get wage freeze... or else, labour board told
Winnipeg Free Press, May 3, 2017 -

U of M was threatened with funding cuts unless it froze wages, Manitoba Labour Board hears
CBC, May 3, 2017 -

Labour Board hearing UMFA allegations of unfair labour practice
Winnipeg Free Press, May 2, 2017 -

Acting in good faith or bargaining in bad faith? U of M, faculty go head to head before labour board
CBC, May 2, 2017 -

What is the "We make UofM happen" campaign about?