Collective Agreement

Collective Agreement - UM/UMFA 2016-2017

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The electronic copy of the Collective Agreement has been provided for convenience only. It is not an official copy. The printed Collective Agreement is the legal document with respect to the negotiated terms and conditions of employment of all UMFA Members. To request a paper copy, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Article number Article Name
   Preamble and Objectives
 1  Definitions
 2  Recognition
 3  Management Rights
 4  Past Practices
 5  Association Business, Use of University Facilities and Liaison
 6  Information
7  Benefits
8  Holidays
9  Vacations
10  Retirement and Reduced Appointments
11  Personal Files
12  Outside Professional Activities
13  Transfers
14  Intellectual Property
15  Discrimination, Reasonable Accommodation and Conflict of Interest
16  Working Conditions
17  Academic Librarians
18  Hiring of Members
19 Academic Freedom; Faculty Rights, Duties, and Responsibilities; Discipline; Appointments and Tenure
20  Promotions
21  Research/Study Leaves and Administrative Leaves
22  Leaves Other than Research/Study Leaves
23  Summer Session and Extended Education Division Instruction
24  Salaries
25  Merit Awards
26  The Anomalies Fund
27  Travel Funds and Expenses
28  Discontinuance of Members' Appointments
29  Childcare
30  Entry of Excluded Administrators and Members of the Board of Governors
31  Stipends
32  Grievance Procedure and Arbitration
33  Legal and Transitional
34  Instructors
35  Performance Evaluations
36  Release Time - UMFA Officers
37  Academic Freedom
38  Internal and External Reviews
39  Privacy
40  Duration and Renewal
Appendix A  Letter of Understanding re: University Renewal
Appendix B  Letter of Understanding re: Pension Plan Contributions
Appendix C  Letter of Understanding re: Performance Assessment/Evaluation
Appendix D  Extramural Practice Agreement
Appendix E  Intramural Practice Agreement
Appendix F  Letter of Understanding re: Faculty Renewal
Appendix G  Letter of Understanding re: Gender-Based Salary Differentials
Appendix H  Letter of Understanding re: Joint Committee on Metrics
   Description of the Bargaining Unit
   Grievance Form
   Subject Index