CAUT Dedicated Service Award Terms of Reference

The Award

CAUT Council has created the CAUT Dedicated Service Award to recognize individuals for exceptional service to their faculty associations. Recipients are nominated by their association and the award is presented at a membership meeting.

Recipients of the award will:

  1. Receive a certificate of recognition from CAUT, which will be provided to the association for presentation to the recipient; and
  2. Have their name listed in the CAUT Bulletin, put on the CAUT website and announced at the next CAUT Council meeting.


Normally, one or more members will be nominated by the Association for the award each year.


  • Candidates' achievement(s) may include but are not limited to the following: organizational leadership, collective bargaining, policy implementation, publication, or dedicated service to or on behalf of the University of Manitoba Faculty Association;
  • The exceptional service of the candidate may derive from the result of a single project or activity, or the accumulation of efforts through consistent involvement over a long period of time in supporting the work of the Faculty Association in the University and the university community.


Members will be invited to submit nominations for the award.

Nominations must include a letter giving a detailed statement describing the specific contributions and achievements of the candidate in service to the Association.

Nominations can be submitted to the UMFA Office by mail or email (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.). The nomination deadline is April 2, 2024 at 4:00 p.m.


Authority for Granting the Award

The Executive will review the nominations, and recommend one or more names to the Board of Representatives for approval.

CAUT Dedicated Service Award Past Recipients

The Canadian Association of University Teachers Dedicated Service Award was presented to these UMFA Members in recognition of their outstanding contribution to the University of Manitoba Faculty Association.

Earle Ferguson
Paul Fortier
Jay Goldstein
David Howorth
Caterina Reitano
Allan Woodbury

Dennis Felbel
Mark Gabbert
John Loxley
Sharon Taylor-Henley
Barbara Yapps

John Whiteley

Tom Booth
Tommy Kucera
Pat Nicholls
Mark Rabnett

Jared Paisley

Brenda Austin-Smith
Brad McKenzie

Peter Blunden

Nancy Hansen
Linda Guse

Sharon Alward

Cameron Morrill

Robert Chernomas

Jim Hare
Mark Hudson

David Camfield

Julie Guard

Janet Morrill
Michael Shaw
Ruby Warren


Dr. Genevieve Thompson
Sufia Turner
Dr. Lynda Balneaves
Dr. Annette Schultz
Joanne Parsons
Eveline Miliken