Knowing & Using Your Collective Agreement

The Collective Agreement is central to work life on campus at the University of Manitoba. It governs the numerous tasks and workloads carried out by professors, academic librarians, and instructors who make UofM happen on a daily basis.

The Collective Agreement serves as the best possible tool to keep things running as they should and administrators accountable. It is therefore critical that all Members understand the Collective Agreement in full.

Knowing and Using Your Collective Agreement was developed to bring clarity to some of the more confusing aspects of the CA. Each section of Knowing and Using Your Collective Agreement lays out the groundwork and the practical takeaways that are important for Members to understand so they can continue to maintain the principles that we’ve fought for through collective bargaining and strike action.

When in doubt, however, the language in the CA takes precedence over the descriptions included here. If you have questions or concerns, contact the UMFA office at 204-474-8272 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

The files below are in PDF format.  Plain text versions are available upon request.


Collective Agreement Primer

Recorded Lectures, Student Accommodation, and Intellectual Property: Your Concerns, Your Rights

Article 10: Retirement and Reduced Appointments

Article 18: Hiring of Members

Articles 19 and 20: Tenure and Promotion Recommendation Information for Recent Applicants

Section 19.B.1.8 (meetings concerning discipline or investigations)

Tenure and Promotion - Creating Fair and Effective Guidelines (Articles 19A, 20A, and 20B)

Article 19: Teaching Workload Guidelines

Article 27: Research/Study Leave Travel and Expenses

Article 32: Grievance Procedure and Arbitration

Anomalies FAQ