Hi Everyone,

We’ve been very busy in the office these past couple of months, and so it’s been some time since UMFA has sent a communication to the Membership.  Please see a brief update on our activities below.

CA Signed, and at the Printer
The Collective Agreement has finally been signed. Making sure all the changes we agreed to were included, making several sweeps for edits, and waiting for the new Chair of the Board of Governors to be named and then sign the document – all this took some time. But, an electronic version of the CA is now on the UMFA and UM websites. Some print copies will be available in the office in several weeks.  

Administration before the Manitoba Labour Board
In the past two or three weeks UMFA and the administration have been before the Labour Board several times. This is because UMFA has filed two applications asking for remedy to several unfair labour practices (i.e. violations of the Manitoba Labour Relations Act) that we firmly believe were committed by the Employer. In the first case, the administration introduced two voluntary days-off programs to our Members without coming to UMFA first, even though the programs deal with provisions in the CA (and in several ways appear to be violations of it). In the second case, UMFA is seeking redress for the administration’s refusal to bargain salary increases in the last round of bargaining. The first case has been heard in full and we expect a response from the Board in a month or two. The second case has just begun, and both sides are currently discussing document disclosure. We’ll keep you updated on these issues as they progress.

New Budget Model at the UM
The administration has recently done a partial unveiling of their new budget model, and will be giving more details at two meetings in early March. UMFA has serious concerns about the type of model that’s being adopted, which are outlined in our October Newsletter, available here. Please have a second look at that newsletter, and encourage your colleagues to do the same. You are strongly encouraged to attend these meetings and raise issues about how this model will affect your departments, schools, programs, libraries, and faculties:

•    Bannatyne Campus:  Friday, March 10, 2017 at 11:00 am to 12:30 pm in Frederic Gaspard Theatre, Basic Medical Sciences Building; and
•    Fort Garry Campus:  Friday, March 10, 2017 at 2:00 to 3:30 pm in Senate Chambers, Room E3-262, EITC

Workshop on Labour History and our Current Moment
UM’s own Julie Guard, and Lynne Fernandez of the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives are offering a workshop through the Winnipeg Labour Council in late March. At this workshop attendees will hear about the assault on public services and how to fight back. Details are available here.

UMFA Newsletter coming soon
We’re finalizing a March Newsletter now, and hope to have it out soon. In it there will be a short message from the President about the past round of bargaining, a recap of the gains we made, a version of the document sent to Board Reps to share with constituents re: teaching guideline provisions, and a brief summary of the results of the communications survey that went out recently. Lengthier version of the President’s report and the Survey will be presented at our next meeting of the Board on March 22.

If you have any questions, please contact the UMFA office.