To MNU Executive,

The undersigned College of Nursing (CoN) faculty members and unionized workers at the University of Manitoba, as well as the University of Manitoba Faculty Association, are writing in support of the Manitoba Nurses Union (MNU), its membership, and our nursing colleagues in the difficult decision they are set to make on Sunday, June 6th.  

We are you. Many of our faculty, clinical educators, and clinical partners are also members of MNU and frontline workers.  

Having been without a contract for 4 years, only to be met with unacceptable offers is disrespectful – not only to nurses, but to all Manitobans who rely on our healthcare system and value the care and expertise of the nursing profession. This is especially the case in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic when so many nurses have gone above and beyond in providing care to Manitobans.

Nurses are a specialized and irreplaceable part of the health care team. We are essential to ensuring safe and high-quality patient care in all health care settings. The current Manitoba provincial government has demonstrated a pattern of treating nurses as expendable, interchangeable commodities that should come at a discount.  

MNU’s strength and commitment to achieving a fair deal for its members will have a direct impact on the continued provision of expert, quality care Manitobans have grown to expect from their nurses.  

As unionized workers at the College of Nursing, we stand in solidarity with MNU in their commitment to ensuring frontline nurses receive a fair contract, which adequately respects and compensates their contribution to high-quality patient care. 

In solidarity,

The Undersigned College of Nursing, University of Manitoba Faculty Members:

Alia Lagace RN BN
Angela Thable RN NP
Annette Schultz RN PhD
Ashley Markowsky RN (NP) MN
Barb Goodwin RN MN
Benita Cohen RN PhD
Carla Shapiro RN MN
Christa DeGagne RN BN
Christina West RN PhD
Colleen Bytheway RN MN
Daniel Nagel RN PhD
Danielle Yaffe RN MN
Darlene Pierce DNP RN NP
Dayna Laviolette RN MN
Elsie Duff RN NP MEd PhD
Francine Laurencelle RN DHA
Genevieve Thompson RN PhD
Jamie Penner RN PhD(c)
Kimberley Mackay RN MN NP
Linda Townsend RN MN
Lynda Balneaves RN PhD
Pat Pruden RN
Rhonda Dube RN MN
Jennifer Dunsford RN MN MPA
Sonia Udod RN PhD
Sufia Turner RN MN
Susan Wintoniw RM MN NP
Tom Hack MN PhD
Vanessa Van Brewer RN PhD
Vladan Protudjer RN MMEd
Wanda Chernomas RN PhD
Winn Briscoe RN MN