Update: Budget 2019 Consultations

On October 18, the House of Commons Standing Committee on Finance was in Winnipeg as part of a series of national hearings, to gather feedback from individuals and groups about their priorities for the next Federal budget.

UMFA was in attendance and spoke briefly about the following:

  • There has been a 5% reduction in government funding of post-secondary education across Canada.  The shortfall has been transferred down to students, increasing tuition and fees to help make up the difference.  The average student now graduated with a debt load of approximately $22,000.  We need to reduce this strain on students and make post-secondary education accessible.
  • We need the federal government to develop and fund a national strategy for post-secondary education.
    • Undergraduate students at the University of Manitoba aren’t graduating on time because they can’t get into the mandatory courses they need in order to graduate.  Meanwhile, professors are reporting that their classrooms are so full, students are sitting on the floors. 
    • There is a higher ratio of professors to students than ever before. 
    • 1/3 faculty members are estimated to be on a short-term contract.
  • We need the federal government to invest in new faculty and research positions.
    • Post-secondary institutions, including the University of Manitoba, have been striving to invest in education for Indigenous students. But to do this right takes specialized resources, new Indigenous approaches to education, and Indigenous professors and researchers.
    • There is a substantial need for increased federal support for First Nations, Inuit, and Metis students.

The public hearings are now complete.


Strengthening Our Knowledge Advantage:

CAUT Submission to the Budget 2019 Consultations

It is time for the federal government to become a stronger partner for PSE to foster a high quality, affordable, and accessible system for all.  A bolder vision is needed to ensure the sustainability of Canada’s post-secondary education system in order to promote the economic, social and cultural success of our country.

CAUT’s submission to the pre-budget 2019 consultations can be seen HERE and can also be accessed in the publications section of on the CAUT website.